Download Samsung Xpress Laser M2830DW Printer Driver

downloads Samsung Xpress M2830DW Printer Driver

Samsung Xpress M2830DW professional and easy to increase productivity 

 and efficiency with the printer that is easy to use performance, print wirelessly with Samsung Mobile printing application, total productivity free to your mobile device with Samsung Mobile Print app, available iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.  

You can easily print directly from your mobile device to the printer via the wireless network. Open your skills with phones that lets you print photos, PDF, files, and a wide range of Microsoft Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. 

You can work smarter and faster by harnessing the power of advanced communication Samsung,

Google Cloud Print works on your smartphone and tablet PC, Google Chromebook, PC / laptop and other devices connected to the Web devices. Once activated, you can print from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Confusing error message is a thing of the past. Just press your smartphone with NFC to the printer and guides you step by step solution of a series of images or video files so you can get to work faster problem.

However professional printing needs, Samsung Xpress M2830DW large demanding results - quickly. Save time by printing complex documents at speeds up to 28 pages per minute (ppm), thanks to the 600MHz processor powerful and 128 MB of memory. Print high-resolution images delivers even complex small text printing accurate, detailed, thanks to high-quality print resolution of up 4800 x 600 dpi effective.

Xpress offers M2830DW sharp series, publications and clear it will definitely make a big impact. Thanks to the effective resolution of 4800 x 600 dpi and provide clean engine technology pages (ERCP), you can enjoy high performance and quality without the need for big wholesale printers.  

Moreover, improved quality characteristics that give more details, images and clearer smoother text. All you need to print, can handle chain Samsung Xpress M2830DW. A small but mighty printer using a variety of media up to 59 pounds of securities, including paper, stickers, cards, envelopes and overhead projector (OHP) transparency. You can choose the type of paper you need a multipurpose tray (MP), so it is very convenient and flexible.

Reduce costs of ink and paper with one-touch Eco Button. It is optimized, so that only one button lets you easily use N- and duplex, which lets you print multiple pages on a single sheet of paper and skip blank pages and wasteful one click. With the provision of ink mode, you can also limit the use of ink and reduce prices further.

Save up to 20 percent ink printer driver Samsung friendly environment. This useful program also reduces paper consumption and energy giving users the option to delete the text and images that are not necessary, change bitmap to draw. Easy Eco Driver is the 2012 winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award from Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

Download Samsung Xpress M2830DW Printer Driver For  WindowsPrint Driver (Driver) ver.V3.00.(MULTI LANGUAGE, 57.5 MB) 

Download Samsung Xpress M2830DW Printer Driver For  Linux Print Driver (Driver) ver. V1.00.35 - Linux (MULTI LANGUAGE, 14.58 MB)