Download Samsung ML-1210 Laser Printer Driver For Microsoft Windows And Linux

Samsung ML-1210 laser printer is a monochrome 12ppm. With 600 dpi resolution and the age of the ink and an average of 2,500 pages that make it an attractive choice for home or personal use. Small size and fast printing reasonable times mean that consumers are looking for a personal laser printer you do not have to break the bank to get some things quickly and easily. The ML-1210 is connected to a computer, either by USB or parallel cable. With 600 dpi resolution and true and 8 MB of memory is ML-1210 uses a 66MHz RISC processor Juniper3 to address everything from printing labels, transparencies, letter and card ~ $ 180 USD.
ML-1210 overshadowed by the ML-1250, with almost identical specs, but with expandable memory, and the decision 1200x600dpi offer a little more promotions with PCL6 emulation features and energy savings. Both printers almost identical to the contrary, suitable for the home environment. Replacement ink costs are about $ 60, so the cost per printed page and sat on the 2.4 cents per page. Actual results will undoubtedly be under the cartridge 2,500 pages, but must remain under the $ 0.034 per page assuming the results of 70% - still provides a relatively inexpensive printing. Of course, the actual cost per page, depending on what is likely to print. If only you have to print a page of text, share coverage of 5% and over $ stand true if you tend to print pages from the Web, or a document with many pictures 0,024.
Tray capacity of 150 sheets of paper on top of the printer has the paper vertically as a fax machine or old printer ink inkjet. ML-1210 printer comes with a USB or parallel cable. Remember ink and take pictures and stuff a little lighter style, and really works best with only text documents, which helps extend the life of expensive special ink price. There is a vision print quality when this function is the loss of assets, and can not print a certain degree of light gray in all that this function must provide a copy of the proposed image quality will be reduced.
Download Samsung ML-1210 Printer Driver For Win 2000/XP/2003/2008/Vista/Win 7/Win 8(32/64bit) (MULTI LANGUAGE, 18.98 MB)

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