Canon PIXMA MG3540 Wireless WPS Connection Method Setup Guide

Some passageway concentrates (occasionally determined as switches or focus focuses ) highlight a modified affiliation catch checked "WPS" which stays for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This enables permitted contraptions such when your PIXMA MG3540 to association within your framework without hoping to enter a watchword and it in like manner engages a snappy and direct approach to manage interfacing your devices. This methodology is as essential as far the minimum complex method for uniting your PIXMA MG3540, so if your passageway point joins a WPS catch please select the 'WPS Connection Method' tab underneath for rules on joining by applying this framework.

Before we begin, typically there are a few conditions that should be met with an end goal to use the WPS push catch system :

The entrance point ought to have a physical WPS push catch accessible.

It would be ideal if you look for guidance from your gadget's client guide for subtle elements.

At the point when the WPS push catch Isn't accessible please use the directions upon the Standard Connection Method tab.

Your system ought to be by utilizing the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access ) or WPA2 security convention. Most WPS empowered access focuses make utilization of this convention.

Step 1

Guarantee that the printer is turned on.

Press & hold the Wi-Fi catch MASTER Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection Wifi catch upon the top from the printer till the alert light flashes once.

Step 2

Guarantee that the light next for this catch starts to blaze blue after which go inside of your entrance point and press the WPS catch inside of 2 minutes.

For definite data on beginning WPS in your entrance point, please allude to its client guide.

The (blue ) Wi-Fi light upon the printer will keep flashing while seeking, and the capacity and Wi-Fi light will streak when associating towards the entrance point.

Once the printer has effectively outlined an association inside of your remote system, the capacity and Wi-Fi light quit blazing and stay lit.

System settings affirmation

To affirm that the printer is effectively associated inside of your remote system, you have the capacity to print the system settings of your individual printer on the off chance that you would like :

1. Guarantee that your printer is turned on.

2. Load a sheet of A4 or letter-sized plain paper.

3. Press & hold the Resume/ CancelMASTER Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection Setup Page stop catch till the caution light MASTER Picture_PIXMA Wireless Connection tab 1_2 flashes 15 times, after which discharge it.

The system data page will surely be printed.

At the point when alluding towards the printout, check the "Association" designates "Dynamic" and the SSID - Service Set Identifier (the name of your particular remote system ) shows the right name of your individual remote system.

This closes the WPS setup technique.

Please now continue by introducing the product so as to make the first far from your PIXMA MG3540.

On the off chance that there is no need the establishment CD that stuck your item, you have the capacity to download the manuals and programming by selecting your item originating from the PIXMA extent page.

At the point when the WPS remote setup stays falling flat in the wake of taking after this aide, please get in touch with us for further hel