How to Configure a Brother Printer Through a Router

How to configure a Brother printer through a router

Brother printers have network adapters installed. Instead of connecting the printer directly to the computer, you can connect the Brother printer to the router and use it as a network resource. 
This provision is beneficial when you want to use the printer from multiple computers in your home or if all laptops and do not want to worry about the connection and disconnection of the printer when moving from one room to the other.

Insert the Brother printer installation CD. Choose install BRAdmin and drivers. Click "Next" on each window of the installation wizard until you reach the end of this process.

Connect your Brother printer. Waiting to turn on completely. Then connect the brother of the Ethernet cable into one of the devices by cable from the router or the specific printer ports.

Go to the computer that the brother was drivers and software installed. Click 'Start', and then click on 'control panel '. Choose "printers and faxes. Click on "add a printer".

Click on «next». Select "network printer" or printer attached to another computer Click on «next». Select "search for a printer. Do not fill in the text field, and then click Next.

Select the Brother printer from the list that appears on the next page. Click on «next». Do not choose "Yes" or "" to select the default printer status. Click "Next" and then "Finish".