Canon Pixma e400 Installer For Mac

Canon Pixma e400 Installer For Mac - How to install CANON E400 for Mac. How to install the CANON E400 printer for Mac OS X installation software from the installation CD or from the Windows installation and from the manual site (USB connection).

Importance Before Instalation

Do not connect the USB cable yet and Quit all applications before installing.

Fist You Must Visit This Link For Download Setup Intaller, and then Select your region, printer name and type, and computer OS. In the Product Setup section, click >> Download ->. The installation file is downloaded.

Double-click the downloaded .dmg file.

>> Double-click the Setup-> icon. Click >> Next ->.

On the next screen, enter your administrator name and password. Then click >> Install Helper ->.

Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the software installation.
When the printer connection screen appears, connect the computer to the computer with the USB cable.
Connect the cable and turn on the machine. Click next.

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Canon Pixma e400 Installer For Mac

Important information for installation When the Extended Survey Program screen appears

If you agree to the Extended Survey Program, click >> Agree ->.
If you click >> Disagree ->, the Survey Survey program will not be installed.

(This has no effect on the function of the machine.)

When the Test Print window is displayed
A test print is performed to verify printer operation.
Insert plain paper into the printer and click >> Run ->.
After the test print, click >> Next ->.

To skip test printing, click >> Next -> instead of >> Execute ->.

Click Finish to complete the installation.
Remove the installation CD-ROM and store it in a safe place.
The quick menu starts, The software is installed on your Mac OS X computer.