Fix Solution - Canon MP560 Printer is not detected by System Preferences

Macbook Pro with OS X Version 10.7.5, the error message "communication error has occurred" every time you print something.

Please try the following solutions:

  • Check if your working LAN connection and LAN print a test page from the printer.
  • Remove the printer and scanner from System Preferences and try to add it back
  • Update your device

Here is a step by step:

Components of the MP560 printer can take longer to emerge from the scanner components. The scanner uses Bonjour to advertise itself on a wireless network, while components of the printer using a proprietary protocol called "canonijnetwork".

If you choose to add a printer and have the Default Printer Add view open, you will see the MP560 as Bonjour Scanner in column Kind.

But if you wait at least 15 seconds, the printer will appear displaying "canonijnetwork" in the Kind column.

If components of this printer does not appear after 30 seconds maximum then it would suggest a problem with the printer driver installation.

So open Finder and navigate to

HD> Library> Printers> Canon> BJPrinter and trash contents of this folder.

Then download the latest driver MP560, series CUPS Printer Driver Ver. (OS X 10.5/10.6) relationship and run the installer. With the installation complete, try to add the printer again.) Click here for more information

If it does not succeed

Because the scanner uses Bonjour components, while using the printer components canonijnetwork, the scanner will appear in the Default Add Printer browser. If the component does not appear then you might have a network problem. Through the MP560 control panel you can specify the IP address used by the printer.

Using Network Utility, you can Ping this IP address of the Mac?

Before, my Macbook can not even recognize the scanner, but now I can add a Scanner from System Preferences.

Yes, this is now the third time this has happened. I have downloaded 'all software' that the canon sent me, and to work for a week, then the printer and the computer did not see each other again. I can not even plug the usb connection, because I insist on getting the software. It's really annoying. What the heck happened?

if unsuccessful try Doing some trial and error some time and suddenly the Canon printer appears. to discover what the root of the problem.