How To PIXMA MP499 Wireless Connection Setup

How To Setup PIXMA MP499 Wireless Connection Setup

How to set up a wireless connection on a PIXMA MP499 printer, and how to reset the printer to factory settings. With WPA or standard connection

PIXMA MP499 will feature Some router or wifi access points that will feature Wi-Fi Protected Setup automatic connection button.

This allows the PIXMA MP499 device to connect to your network without entering a password and it's an easy way of connecting your device very quickly and easily.

If you do this way then this is the easiest way to connect PIXMA MP499 so if your access point has Wi-Fi button,

Below are some ways of setting Connection, please use the easiest method
Trying another setting If your router does not support WPS, you can use alternate instructions to connect your PIXMA MP499, with the Standard Connection Method 'below.

Setup PIXMA MP499 WPS Connection Standard USB Connection Setup Restore to Factory Setting